You Can Help Keep the Mohawk River Clean.

Most of the time, the Oneida County Sanitary Sewer System works efficiently. But when we get heavy rainfalls or snowmelts, stormwater enters the system and causes untreated sewage overflows into the Mohawk River.

Operation Ripple Effect asks you to get involved by taking a few simple steps that can make a big difference.

As much as 50% of the water that contributes to overflows comes from private properties during wet weather events. Water enters our sewers in a number of ways, including improper system connections, such as:

  • Roof leaders
  • Driveway and foundation drains
  • Sump pumps

In addition, cracks and aging sewer pipes, such as the lateral line running from your home to the main line under the street, can let in unwanted water.

Contamination of the Mohawk River damages the natural ecosystem and limits the ability of our future generations to enjoy the resource that helped develop the Mohawk Valley.

Together, we can Reroute, Reclaim and Recharge to help reduce the amount of sewer overflows into the Mohawk River.

Download and share the Operation Ripple Effect brochure!