Since its inception, the Oneida County Sewer District (OCSD) has worked to educate residents on how simple steps at home can help prevent sanitary sewer overflows into the Mohawk River.

Normally, our sanitary sewer system has enough capacity to operate properly. But heavy rains or snowmelts can cause stormwater to overwhelm the system and result in overflows into the Mohawk River. National studies have shown that as much as 50 percent of the excess stormwater in sanitary sewer systems comes from private property.

Education materials developed under the Operation Ripple Effect™  program show residents the direct steps they can take to assist with Sewer Overflow Prevention, such as by disconnecting sump pumps and rerouting downspouts, as well as ensuring the proper disposal of Fats, Oils and Grease to prevent damage to the sewer system. The Mohawk River Champions Youth Education program also seeks to share these important lessons in area schools.