Community Input for a District-Wide Project

Since the inception of the OCSD SSO Mitigation Project, a Steering Committee has worked together to incorporate the unique needs of each municipality in the development of a cohesive and cost-effective plan to address sewer overflows.

As construction continues, committee-level focus has transitioned to implementation planning for critical community-based initiatives.

Though the full Steering Committee will continue to meet two to three times per year for project updates, two working groups participate in monthly sessions to provide input and feedback on the technical elements of Private Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) and Capacity, Management, Operation, and Maintenance (CMOM) programs.

Each OCSD municipality chief elected official was involved in the selection of his or her community’s working group representative. Participants were selected based on their thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the wastewater system and community needs.

CMOM Working Group

The CMOM working group is tasked with providing municipal-level, hands-on feedback and guidance in developing a comprehensive OCSD-wide CMOM program that can be adapted at the municipal level. This plan will include standardized design and construction standards, CMOM standard operating guidelines, plan review procedures, and a fats, oil and grease program.

Private I/I Working Group

The Private I/I working group will provide input on program education and voluntary compliance, as well as help to develop the inspections and documentation and financing and targeted removal programs phases.


View the full Steering Committee list here.